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Tips for Post Quarantine Reopening

The majority of our customers are schools, libraries, and other organizations that offer public access or multiple user computers. Most have been closed during the COVID-19 shutdown. We understand you have a lot to do, so we want to offer a few tips to get your public access computers back up and running quickly, safely, and ready for patrons, students, and other users.

CYBERsitter Filter Updates will undoubtedly be several months behind, so we recommend that you leave affected computers turned on and connected to the internet for several hours so it can do it's updates before users use the computers. When the computer first starts CYBERsitter picks a random time sometime within a few hours to update. This is to stagger the load on our servers.

Check Your CYBERsitter License. If you are using CYBERsitter 2018 or 2019 (current version), you don't have to worry. Those versions never expire. If you are using an earlier version of CYBERsitter, all of those versions have now expired and obsolete. They may work at first because there is a short built in grace period, but they will stop working without notice when the grace period expires. You should consider upgrading to CYBERsitter 2019 which is the current version. Because of the COVID-19 shutdown, there will not be a CYBERSitter 2020 version and CYBERsitter 2019 will remain current through spring of 2021. It does not require annual renewals like older versions did.

Keeping Workstations Safe

We're sure you are concerned about keeping your public access computers safe from virus contamination. We have a little experience with keeping computers clean and would like to make a few recommendations. Easier is always better!

Use a keyboard cover. Don't waste a lot of money on sculpted covers made specifically for your keyboard. They are expensive to buy and replace, harder to clean, and do not work as well as a one-size-fits-all style.

Use a mouse cover. A generic optical mouse cover will keep it clean and still allow normal operation.

Disinfect with 99% Isopropyl Alcohol. Also known as Technical, Engineering, and Industrial Grade, 99% Isopropyl alcohol is pure alcohol. We use this for sensitive electronics and anything with multiple user exposure. Pure alcohol contains no water and completely evaporates within 60 seconds or so without leaving any residue behind. Simply fill up commonly available spray bottles and give the keyboard and mouse a light mist. No wiping is necessary as it will evaporate on its own leaving surfaces clean and virus free.

We don't sell any of these things ourselves, but we have included AMAZON links to the products we use below.

Keyboard covers come in packs of 20 and are super easy to use and disinfect. Mouse covers come in packs of 100 and are optically clear and also really easy to use. 99% alcohol is available from a lot of places, but we buy this one that comes from Florida and we know it is pure. One gallon lasts a long time.

20 Pack

100 Pack

1 Gallon