CYBERsitter Features

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Do you need to protect every device on your network?

Blocks Tracking, Advertising

  • Block annoying ads and tracker code from websites
  • Block ads and trackingin emails and newsletters
  • Invisible to web servers (no ad blocker messages)
  • Protects against ad delivered malware
  • Significantly reduces your bandwidth usage
  • Protects your privacy.

Country Blocking

  • Block access to websites in countries you choose
  • Blocking just 10 countries can reduce your exposure to malware and ransomware by 80%
  • Block access to areas of the world with little or no internet content enforcement
  • Extremely fast. Does not slow down browsing
  • Works system-wide with all programs

Powerful DNS Redirection

  • Provides system-wide 3rd party DNS support
  • Adds additional privacy and malware protections.
  • Supports all popular 3rd party DNS services like,, OpenDns, etc.

Customizable Filtering

  • Complete customization for each user
  • Block adults only XXX content
  • Block Social Networking, online games, and other content
  • You define schedules for allowable activities

Eliminate Distractions

  • Allow access to "fun" sites on time schedules you define
  • Prevent kids from getting sidetracked during homework times

User Selected Filtering

  • Numerous categories included
  • User defined blocklist
  • User defined whitelist
  • Whitelist only option
  • Per user defined allowable times

Age Appropriate Searches

  • Enforces search engine SafeSearch modes
  • Blocks inappropriate images from searches
  • Enforces YouTube restricted mode


  • Your data and browsing history stays on YOUR computer.
  • No data is stored in the cloud
  • Your private data stays private