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We began publishing CYBERsitter in 1995. Since then, CYBERsitter has been installed on millions of computers all over the world. We're now protecting family computers for our second generation of users. We put an emphasis on using the best technology and creating a quality product at a fair price.

No Subscription or Account Required

When you purchase CYBERsitter, you install it and you're good to go. You do not need to set up an account or ever come to our website again (unless you want to).

No Annual Fees

You are not required to pay an annual license fee. CYBERsitter will work until you are done using it.

Free Filter Updates

Our filters are maintained constantly. Your copy of CYBERsitter will keep updating for as long as you want to use it.

Simple to Install and Use

CYBERsitter has been designed to be simple to use. Just set it and forget it. There are no complicated or cumbersome accounts to set up, no subscriptions to maintain, it just works!

System Requirements

PC running Windows 7, 8, or 10 with 20MB free disk space. Works with all browsers and compatible with all anti-virus programs.

CYBERsitter Features

NEW in 2019 - Blocks Tracking, Advertising

  • Block annoying ads and tracker code from websites
  • Block ads and trackingin emails and newsletters
  • Invisible to web servers (no ad blocker messages)
  • Protects against ad delivered malware
  • Protects your privacy.
  • Significantly reduces your bandwidth usage

NEW in 2019 - Country Blocking

  • Block access to websites in countries you choose
  • Blocking just 10 countries can reduce your exposure to malware and ransomware by 80%
  • Block access to areas of the world with little or no internet content enforcement
  • Extremely fast. Does not slow down browsing
  • Works system-wide with all programs

Complete, customizable filtering

  • Block adults only XXX content
  • Block Social Networking, online games, and other content
  • You define schedules for allowable activities

Eliminate Distractions

  • Allow access to "fun" sites on time schedules you define
  • Prevent kids from getting sidetracked during homework times

Family Friendly

  • Complete customization for each user
  • Simple to install, even for novice users
  • Fully self contained
  • No online account required

User Selected Filtering

  • Numerous categories included
  • User defined blocklist
  • User defined whitelist
  • Whitelist only option
  • Per user defined allowable times

Age Appropriate Searches

  • Enforces search engine SafeSearch modes
  • Blocks inappropriate images from searches
  • Enforces YouTube restricted mode


  • Your data and browsing history stays on YOUR computer.
  • No data is stored in the cloud
  • Your private data stats private

Do you need to protect your whole network?