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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free trial available?
Yes there is. Just complete and submit the information here and we'll send you a download link immediately.
How do I install CYBERsitter?
Installation is very simple. Of course, you will want to download the installation program from the location you received by email.

Locate your downloaded file. Right click on the file and select "Run as Administrator" and follow instructions.

Open up CYBERsitter from the Programs menu and set your program options.

On the CYBERsitter main screen, click on the buttons to start the services.

All done!
How does country blocking work?
When you click on a website, CYBERsitter quickly determines the country where that address is physically located. If it is in a country you block, it simply kills the connection to the remote server and you will see an error message in your browser saying that the site is not accessible. This is all done extremely quickly with zero speed degradation.
Does country blocking only work for browsers?
It works for everything. If you or something running on your computer tries to access something in a blocked country, the connection will be immediately terminated.
What countries should I block?
Obviously, the answer to this might be different for every user. If you reside in the US, UK, Canada, or Australia, and have no particular need to access these countries, blocking the top 10 foreign malware producers will reduce the chances of you being a victim of malware or ransomware by 80% or more. These countries are:

China, Brazil, Russia, India, Korea, Viet Nam, Ukraine, Turkey, Italy and Argentina.

Another strategy is to block everything, then unblock only those countries you want to allow. One note, many legitimate companies in foreign countries host their websites in the US to ensure users will be able to access their sites easily. So blocking a country does not necessarily mean you block all legitimate "foreign" sites in the process.
Do I need to install some plug-in for ad blocking?
No. CYBERsitter's ad blocking is built-in. Unlike ad blockers for your browser that have to be installed as a plug-in, CYBERsitter uses a filter, just like it's other filters. It works with everything including browsers and email programs. The ads will disappear, and CYBERsitter's ad blocking is undetectable by websites.
How does CYBERsitter 2019 differ from CYBERsitter BLACK?
CYBERsitter 2019 installs on the computer itself while CYBERsitter BLACK is s stand-alone network device. CYBERsitter 2019 is software that installs on the computer or computers you choose, and does deep inspection of all incoming and outgoing internet traffic for that particular machine. CYBERsitter BLACK blocks selected content categories for every device connected to your network whether wired to WiFi. It does not require any software installation.
How much are annual renewals?
ZERO! We are fed up with being charged every year for almost everything we use too! So, we did away with annual renewals. Typically our users use CYBERsitter for a few years while their children are younger, and probably don't need it after that. We think that we charge a fair price and that our customers appreciate not having to keep paying for something they already purchased.
Are filter updates always free?
Yes. CYBERsitter will automatically update to the latest filters periodically as needed. After about five years, it will stop updating automatically, but this can be remedied by installing a more recent copy of CYBERsitter to reset the counters. We do this because over the years, customers have forgotten they have CYBERsitter installed or give their old computers to someone else. If they don't uninstall CYBERsitter, it would just keep updating indefinitely and waste our bandwidth.
Are there any additional fees?
No. There are no subscription fees of any kind. Minor product version updates are free as well.
Is there an upgrade discount for existing CYBERsitter users?
Yes. You should have received an email with a discount code for existing CYBERsitter customers to use when ordering. If you didn't receive it, please contact us using the button below and we will send you the information.
How do I download CYBERsitter 2019?
When you purchase CYBERsitter 2019 you will be sent an invoice with private download link and serial number. Use that link to download the installation program. It will ask you for your serial number during installation.

Make sure you save that email. You will need the download link and serial number if you need to install it again, or install product updates.
I am upgrading from CYBERsitter 2018. How do I do that?
If you are upgrading from CYBERsitter 2018 you can install CYBERsitter 2019 right over 2018 with no problems and all your settings will be retained.

Be sure to reboot your computer after installation.
I am upgrading from an older version. How do I do that?
If you are upgrading from an older version, we recommend that you uninstall the previous version first. This is always the best way to ensure that you get a clean installation of CYBERsitter 2019.

If you have custom white or black lists, just copy them and paste them into a text file temporarily and paste them pack in after the upgrade. Your other settings should not be erased when you uninstall, and should still be there after the upgrade.

In CYBERsitter 11, you need to open up CYBERsitter and find the Uninstall button to run the uninstall function. For security reasons, it cannot be uninstalled any other way.
Will CYBERsitter slow down my computer?
No. CYBERsitter is extremely efficient and can check hundreds of thousands of filter items in tiny fractions of a second. You will never notice it is installed.
Will CYBERsitter filter HTTPS secure websites?
Yes it will. More and more websites are moving to SSL secure encryption to protect your personal information. In fact, it is becoming unusual to see a site that isn't secure. CYBERsitter seamlessly works with secure websites to ensure you can still block access to them if they meet your blocking criteria.
Does CYBERsitter work on Windows 10?
Yes, it is fully compatible with all versions of Windows 10. This was a difficult job. Windows 10 is much more secure than previous versions of Windows and this presented some serious problems. In addition, Microsoft requires the highest level of developer authentication to allow us to do what we do. They also require us to submit our low level components for approval before they will be allowed to run on Windows 10. All that is done now, and CYBERsitter works perfectly on Windows 10.
Can CYBERsitter be installed on a server and filter my network?
No, CYBERsitter is a workstation based product. So, one copy needs to be installed on every computer you want to protect.

For networks, look into CYBERsitter BLACK. Our new BLACK is a small network appliance that offers similar filtering for every device on your network including smartphones and tablets.
Do I have to create some kind of account to use CYBERsitter?
Absolutely not. You do not have to sign up for anything. Just install it and use it. Other products require you to create an account to access your own data on the cloud. We don't and there is a good reason for this, security. Every day we hear about one site or another that was hacked and personal information or identifiable data was leaked into the wild. CYBERsitter and other programs like it typically record very personal information about your browsing habits. We wouldn't trust that kind of data to be out there on some cloud server, and you shouldn't either. With CYBERsitter, your data stays on your computer and nowhere else.
How do I get support?
CYBERsitter has a built in support function located on the "Options" tab. We prefer customers use this for support whenever possible.

This special function attaches important information about your CYBERsitter installation that would be virtually impossible to find any other way. This helps us immensely when trying to troubleshoot a problem and we're usually able to diagnose a problem for you in one email.

You can also visit our new support forum at