Download and Setup Instructions

CYBERsitter will initially install as a TRIAL version. If you have a current CYBERsitter serial number, you can click on the green "Register" button in the program, enter your serial number, and activate CYBERsitter as a fully functioning version.

CYBERsitter is easy to use and for help on a specific setting, just click the ? Icon for the selection of interest. If you are using CYBERsitter as a trial version, your trial period will run for 7 days from the date of installation. Unfortunately, we cannot extend it beyond that point, so please take this time to evaluate all the functionality it offers.
A word about the advertising blocking filter.
If you experience unexpected blocks, we recommend that you uncheck the advertising blocking filter and see if this corrects the problem. Advertising and tracking is used everywhere online and while the filter is extremely accurate, blocking some things may occasionally produce unexpected results. We recommend you get your primary and user defined filters set up first. Then add the ad blocking filter again.

Uninstalling CYBERsitter
CYBERsitter installs securely so that it cannot be uninstalled by an unauthorized user. So for security purposes, we require that you use the built in Uninstall function. You will find and Uninstall button on the "Options" tab in the CYBERsitter application. Only this procedure will properly uninstall CYBERsitter. Trying to uninstall it any other way may result in your internet connection being interrupted.

Works with Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10