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We Take Internet Safety Seriously

CYBERsitter does much more than block adult websites
it includes 4 major new features to keep everyone safe from potentially dangerous or malicious activity.

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Blocks over 100,000 advertising, tracking and telemetry sources. Pages load faster, saves bandwidth and protects your privacy.
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Blocks over 140,000 active malware, scam and fraud sites. If you can't get to dangerous sites, they can't hurt you.
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Block sites in user selectable countries. Blocking just 10 countries reduces your exposure to malicious activity by over 80%.
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Force DNS redirection to free third party DNS providers like Cloudflare, Quad9, OpenDNS for even more security.
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CYBERsitter still has all the family friendly features it's known for, such as adult content blocking and age appropriate website and image searches. But CYBERsitter is not just for kids. It helps keep everyone safe online.
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