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The Original Internet Filter - Taming the Internet for 25 Years

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Libraries, Schools, Faith Based Organizations, Military Youth Programs, Youth Clubs and Organizations, Senior Centers, Non-Profits, Law Enforcement/Probation Departments, Correctional Facilities, Federal, State, and Local Agencies, Businesses and Families
All Trust CYBERsitter Because "It Just Works"

No Nonsense, Straighforward Content Filtering

  • Can be set to only allow access to specified sites.
  • Numerous Blocking Categories
  • Built-in Ad Blocking
  • Safe Web, Video and Image Searching
  • Private. Nothing is ever stored on the cloud.
  • Works with all browsers, email, games, everything.
  • Customize Settings on a Per-User Basis
  • Flexible Per-User Filter Schedules.
  • Lifetime Free Filter Updates
  • Lifetime License - No Recurring Fees

Easy 1 minute install. No subscription or account required.
Free Program Updates for 1 Year, Lifetime Free Filter Updates

Get a free copy of CYBERsitter Central with any CYBERsitter 2020 purchase!

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