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Download CYBERsitter 2020 for FREE

Just download and run the setup program. No credit card or personal information is required.

Download and Setup Instructions

To download, click the button below. It will download a file called SetupCS2020.exe and put it in your Downloads folder. Just double-click on the icon and the setup program will install CYBERsitter for you and put a CYBERsitter icon on your desktop.

Open CYBERsitter, select your options, then click on the 3 buttons on the main screen with
red captions to start everything up. Click on any blue ? button for help or an explanation for the associated option.

CYBERsitter will initially install as a fully functioning TRIAL version. If you have a current CYBERsitter serial number, you can click on the
green or red "Register" button in the program, enter your serial number, and activate CYBERsitter as a fully licensed version.

You can then close CYBERsitter and it will run automatically on the background from then on. All filter updates will be performed automatically every hour.

We hope find CYBERsitter useful and be sure to
contact us if you have any questions.

Uninstalling CYBERsitter
CYBERsitter installs securely so that it cannot be uninstalled by an unauthorized user. So for security purposes, we require that you use the built in Uninstall function. You will find and Uninstall button on the "Options" tab in the CYBERsitter application. Only this procedure will properly uninstall CYBERsitter. Trying to uninstall it any other way may result in your internet connection being interrupted.

Works with Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10