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High Quality Curated Block Lists

The key to maintaining good block lists is accuracy. Most lists available online are bloated and out of date. This slows down your system and creates false positives.

Over the past 25 years we have developed back-end systems to make sure our lists and filters are the most concise and accurate available, while eliminating irritating false positives.

If you are looking for a HOSTS list or other list to use with your router, firewall, proxy server, computer or other installation, CYBERsitter's lists are the most accurate and up-to-date lists available at reasonable prices.

Buy 2 lists and get an automatic 25% discount on checkout!

CYBERsitter Adult Content List
Over 600,000 active and current adult websites.

Includes 12 months of updates.

Only $99.95

CYBERsitter Advertising List
Over 150,000 active and current on-line advertising sources.

Includes 12 months of updates.

Only $99.95

Your download link will be provided immediately by return email.

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